One morning, on my way to work while driving with my dad, we got listening to one of those early morning radio programmes and the presenter asked a question, I quote “which is more difficult, being a man or a woman?” A higher number of callers felt it was difficult being a man than a woman for so many personal and unclear reasons but one of the co-presenter said something that did touch me. She said it was more difficult being a woman because of societal discriminations, gender inequality, sexual and gender violence etc. Then I got thinking what women have to face every day. I am not a feminist but I could not agree less with her.

So many women in different places around the world can no longer walk safely on the streets without fear of being abused in one form or the other. One of the most recognized violations of human rights is violence against girls and women which has no social, economic, cultural, religious or national boundaries. Though both women and men have these experiences, you will say, but the vast majority of victims are women. Someone asked me, “Why is there a special day to celebrate the girls, are the boys not humans?” I replied by saying, “the boy child needs no special day to be celebrated because he is celebrated everyday by the society and the world at large, whereas the girls in most places are seen as worse than a second hand product.” This is an obvious fact from the way women are treated which ranges from domestic violence, societal discriminations, gender inequalities, gender violence and rape.

Even as the world goes digital it hurts to know that some men will not miss the opportunity to abuse a woman, or make her feel less of herself just to show off their prowess. I believe we all exist for each other to help one another grow and so why should we be scared of existing as women and girls? We did not choose our gender. We had no say in our making, so why should our being women/girls be a crime?

We are humans just like you; do not forget that!


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