On 2nd July, 2022, members of BOFAI visited the Correctional Centre for Girls, Idi-Araba.

It was a refreshing time with the Girls as that was the first time BOFAI would be paying a visit to Correctional Centre for Girls since inception.

The theme of the event was “My Gender, My Pride”. Discussions were held around this topic as the Advocators who majorly were ladies took turn to address the Girls of the need to be proud of their gender no matter the circumstances surrounding their stay at the Correction Centre.

There was a break out session thereafter, where the girls were broken into various groups with each advocator manning each group. The girls were taken on topics ranging from personal hygiene, self development and where they individually shared their stories.

It is the tradition of the Bonafide Advocator initiative to hold Counselling session on each visit. Thus, one of our advocates, a certified counselor counseled the girls especially as it relates to the circumstances that surrounded their being at the correctional centre. They were encouraged and charged to put in their best in their academics and vocational trainings they are engaged in. BOFAI promised to pay regular visits to the girls as the Advocators connected with the girls on a different whole level.

Thereafter we had game session and session where the girls showcased their crafts to the Advocators and we distributed item 7.

The event came to an end at noon with members of BOFAI taking group photographs with the Administrative staff of the Centre with the relief materials brought.

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