Favour A. Wih

Favour Akpos Wih is a woman of virtue and principles who sees the better side of everyone and believes we all deserve a second chance. She believes strongly that no one lives in isolation but we are all connected in some way to each other and are responsible for our actions and therefore should make effort to ensure a better society where the rule of law prevail, justice is the order of the day and the common man (less privileged) is certain that there is hope for him.

She is a Christian who strongly believes in the biblical doctrines which have helped shape her views and relationships with people.

She is a legal practitioner and a member of the Committee against Domestic Violence and Child Abuse (NBA Ikorodu branch). She has represented inmates of the Ogun State Correctional Centres, without legal representations, pro bono, through her firm: Anthony Ebeh & Co and has also reached out to people through her page on Instagram @Lagosnawah.

In her spare time, Favour enjoys writing (novels and poems), reading, and watching good movies.

Favour is also creative, a great thinker and a powerful motivational speaker.

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