The visit to the girls was met with so much excitement and open arms. The program started at precisely 9:30 am with Mrs. Ajike’s opening prayer and welcome address to the girls. Afterward, Ms. Oluwatobi introduced the members of the team, namely, Ajike, Oluwatosin, Promise, Funmi, and Faith after the introduction; she did a recap of the topic from the team’s last visit in July 2022 and subsequently introduced Ajike as the teacher for the day.

The topic was, “Breaking the Barrier and Standing Out.” The lecture examined how limiting obstacles can be but how it doesn’t define them. Given so many examples, the girls could open up on what they thought were their current obstacles by writing it on paper and submitting the same. Obstacles that stood out from their writings showed how unhappy they were about their current situation and hence saw it as a limiting factor to achieving their dreams. After this exercise, the girls were encouraged to keep hope. The session ended with questions and answers.

The second session was a game. The game involves filling a cup with water and placing same on tissue paper while the girls try to draw the cup nearer without damaging the tissue. It was so entertaining and engaging. Everyone participated, and the winners of each group were presented with an exercise book and a pen.

The team celebrated Christmas with the girls in the next session with a beautifully decorated Christmassy cake and candles. There were lots of pictures too. It was so warm to see the girls happy and cheerful despite their current situation.

Afterward, the team counseled and encouraged some girls who indicated their interest in being advised—hearing the struggles and stories of these girls sparked such emotions of sadness and joy. It was sad because they didn’t choose to go through what they were going through. Joy because they are getting the help they need, have a community of love, and are destined for greatness.

The final agenda was the presentation of the gift. We presented the centre with a freezer and some items, including Detergent, sanitary, an exercise book, pens, and a mantra frame that reads, “Always ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow .” This was possible due to the contributions of Advocates, partners, and well-wishers. The visit ended at 11:30 am.

However, before we departed from the center, the team visited the Children Correctional Centre for Girls after meeting with the principal of the place. It was as interesting to know that such centre exists within the same building as the correctional centre for girls. We learned the difference between the girls in this centre and other Correctional Centres girls, including age, freedom of movement, and circumstances.

The visit was worthwhile, and the team decided to reach out to more girls in the coming year.

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